Forget Laser Peels Needling Is Safe, New And Rejuvenates The Skin

Forget Laser and Chemical Peels
A new and easy to use home version of skin needling is now available and affordable and is more effective that laser or chemical peels.

Chemical and laser peels thin the skin as they burn the top layers to reveal fresh new skin underneath. The concept sounded good until doctors realized that over time and especially if performed on older patients, these procedures thinned out the skin  which actually made aging skin look worse  over time.

Skin needling helps to remove old skin cells and push any anti-aging product you are using deeper into the skin for even better penetration and absorption.

Who has the money to spend on cosmetic procedures? Now you can do something for yourself at home to help rejuvenate your skin and keep it looking its best. The procedure is called skin needling or micro-needling.

What Is It?

The small hand held device has 200 micropoints that are able to penetrate the pores of the top layer of the skin. These pores close again in an hour or so, however, during this time your body is able to maximize the absorption of the the anti-aging cream you applied, like copper peptides, to help stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.

The best part is the rejuvenation process continues for hours even days after each treatment!
Dr. Phil and his wife Robin featured this product on one of the episodes on Aging Gracefully. Robin states that this is her favorite anti-aging too.

How Does It work

You hold a small section of your skin taunt, then roll the device over that section. Most instructions recommend 4 times in all directions up, down, and side to side. Each time you change directions you should lift the device and reposition to another part of the skin, the way you would use a rolling pin. This is so that you don’t dull the needles.

The needles put little punctures into the upper dermis of the skin which cause a wound healing process to begin  and the stimulation of new collage fibers and other skin cells, like elastin. In addition, it improves blood supply.

What Is Anti-aging Light Therapy

Abby Borbon-Roaquin, a manager and clinician at Ulan Medical Spa in San Diego, California, has been a registered nurse for over 14 years, and is experienced in providing many types of medical aesthetic procedures such as anti-aging light therapy.

What does anti-aging light therapy do?

Anti-Aging Light Emitting Diodes (LED) therapy is a skin rejuvenation device. It works with visible red LEDs and invisible infrared LEDs with the bodys natural processes to counteract the effects of aging. This treatment can be used for men and women of all ages and skin types. So it means that selecting appropriate candidates is important.

Why we need it?

Our cells cannot manufacture the skins supportive structures faster than before, as we grow older. And we have to suffer environment damage from the suns rays. It will speed this process and damage our skin and cells that produce elastin and collagen. Light therapy can stimulate these cells to help counteract the effects of aging on the skin by being delivered at specific times.

What the theory of anti-aging light therapy?

The red light of anti-aging light therapy promotes the production of collagen that gives our skin its firmness and elasticity. The production of collagen is normally stimulated by inflicting a controlled injury on the skin. For instance, laser resurfacing, chemical peels and some non-invasive tightening produces work by inducing a controlled injury. This injury will promote collagen production by stimulating a healing process. But the red light doesnt injure your skin and support your bodys collagen production. We at Ulan Medical Spa are really excited about this new technology.

What should I do during treatment and how many treatments should I take?

Before the treatment starts, you should cleanse your face to remove any makeup or sunblock. In order to let the light absorb better, we will put an exfoliating solution on your face before the treatment. Then we will give you with safety eyewear and position the light about 1 or 2 inches away from your face. Each light therapy will last about 20 minutes. You will feel relaxed all the time. And you can return to your normal routine without any pain, redness or irritation. Usually, patients need 8 to 12 treatments and they will take over 4 to 6 weeks. So the treatments have to be at least one day apart. You can have a consultation with your skincare professional to adjust the number of treatments if appropriate.

What results can I expect from the treatment and how long will the effects last?

You will see a brighter, clearer and smoother complexion at first. After several treatments, you will notice an improvement in skin tone clarity, and texture, with your pore sizes reduced. Most patients can see a marked difference in 2 or 3 weeks after finishing the last treatments. Over 80% of subjects in studies report a softening of fine lines and wrinkles, and 75% report improvement in skin smoothness and softness.

After finishing your treatments, you will still continue to see improvement for 8 to 12 weeks. Because we continue to age every day, you may choose to go on a maintenance item to continue the treatments. Maintenance treatments are customized based on an individuals needs.

What other treatments can be combined with anti-aging light therapy at Ulan Medical Spa?

At Ulan Medical Spa, we provide some other treatments that can be combined with anti-aging light therapy. It is appropriate to combine anti-aging light therapy with anti-acne light therapy for some patients. For this, we alternate blue light, which destroys acne bacteria, with the red light, which can reduce inflammation.

We often precede the anti-aging light therapy treatment with the HydraFacial. Its a skin resurfacing treatment that deep cleanses, extracts, exfoliates, and hydrates while bathing your skin with skin-specific serums for acne-prone, anti-aging, dry or oily skin. And the combining of anti-aging light therapy treatment and chemical peels is also often used at Ulan Medical Spa.

Anti-aging light therapy works well when combined with the ReFirme treatment, which tightens and tones your skin. ReFirme combined with light therapy yields better results in terms of firming, toning and rejuvenating.

From Three To Twelve: An Orientation On Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes these days are not just limited to the blusher, eye shadow and the lip brush. In the past, if you have these three in your cosmetic bag, then, you are good to go. You are ready to face the day thanks to your three-piece makeup brush set.

Before, you only have to worry about what color you need to put on your eyelids and lips. After the face powder, you pick up your eye shadow tool and dab the color on your eyelids.

Next, you choose from brown, pink or red lipstick. You smudge the lipstick on your mouth. The finishing touch among the makeup brushes will be the blush on. Pat some on the apple of your cheeks and then you are done. Beautiful in an instant – literally in 5 minutes – with the help of your three-piece synthetic makeup brush set.

But with changing times come a list of makeup style choices for women. For those who are serious in looking good every single day, they purchase a complete bag of beauty tools. This bag contains about a dozen brushes with each to be used differently and has its own purpose. Some even go the distance on and buy the pricey vegan makeup brushes. Have you heard of these makeup brushes before?

Anyway, to familiarize you with the “now” synthetic makeup tools, here is the low down on each one:

• Foundation

This is a semi-medium brush used for applying a cream-base, powder-base or liquid-base foundation on the face. It may either be short-bristled (best to use on cream and liquid) or long-bristled (best for powder). This is required for even application, giving the face a more natural look while hiding imperfections.

• Powder

The powder brush among all is a common tool in your makeup brush set. Use it after foundation.

• Contouring

From the word “contour” comes the contouring brush. If you need a defined nose or higher cheekbones, contouring makeup brushes can assist you.

• Stippling

This is used for air brushing your face with powder or cream to give it a glow. This is a must in any synthetic brush set collection. Be sure to add this on your beauty brushes collection.

• Shader

You need to sweep color all over your eyelid before putting on the shadow of your choice. For the base, you need a shader, preferably vegan makeup tools.

• Crease

Have you seen the makeup style of the Kardashians? They sport the smoky eye. The crease brush help achieve that beautiful look.

• Blending

You need to use this brush to blend the color on the crease of your eyes.

• Angled Detailed

You can use one of these makeup brushes with liquid liner or gel make up to add drama to your eyes.

• Pencil

This is required for the smoky look. After eyeliner application, this brush blends the eye shadow and liner to give a softer effect.

• Blush On

Your makeup tool set must have one or two of this, an angled one and the round one to put color on your cheeks.

• Liner

Your eyebrows need to be lined. This is your tool for that.

• Lip

There are many synthetic tools for the lips. Be sure to clean it after every use. Wash it with water.

From three to twelve, this is just the most basic of all. There is a fan tool, a flat one, a kabuki and so much more. Can you handle these makeup brushes and use them now?

For more information on makeup brushes, & makeup tools set, please visit us!

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How to Restore and Manage Curly Hair

Winter weather can bring frizz, dryness, and chaos to naturally curly hair. I have Holiday photos to prove it. By now, you have probably heard the words; air dry, no heat, diffuser, no brushes. I fought against these tips with every hair dryer, straightener, and hair product I could find.

Finally, I applied some of the tips I had spent years reading about. Curly hairstyles begin when shampooing. I usually skip two days between shampooing. This is important: Finding the right shampoo and conditioner for your type hair is essential. It doesn’t have to cost a lot. I prefer L’Oréal Paris, sulfate free because I color my hair.

When shampooing, I learned by massaging it into my scalp, I have less breakage. Flipping my head upside down, I work a quarter size of conditioner through the ends of my hair, but not into the scalp. With a wide tooth comb, I gently comb the conditioner through my hair before rinsing.

Products that work on my hair may not work on some people. I spray Palmer’s Olive Oil through my hair. There are different oils to choose from Next, I use Pure Shine Curly Lotion. These are the two products I have found that leave my hair soft, with no frizz, breakage, or static.

After using the products, I loosely wrap a towel around my head for about 10 minutes. I use my fingers to get out tangles, and shape my curls, letting them air dry. My hair has never felt or looked better. Once a month, I like to use an argan oil treatment for my hair.

It took me years to find the products that make my hair healthy. I have tried Olive Oil and had nice results but after finding the Pure Shine Hair Lotion, the results were amazing. Every hair type is different, so not everyone can expect the same results using the same product as articles.

Besides the basics of shampooing, conditioning, and styling, there are other helpful tips. I have learned the hard way to keep thinning shears away from my hair. Layers make the curls feel and appear thinner. Towel drying doesn’t mean rubbing the towel profusely over your hair. It’s more of a gentle squeeze at the ends.

Also, I’d like to add, oils aren’t good moisturizers. They coat the hair, but don’t absorb well. Last but not least, embrace your curls and the beautiful you. Stop envying straight hair on women. Most of them are envious of your curls. Don’t be afraid of the less tame days. Let your hair down, and set your curls free.

Donetta L. Sifford has dealt with the frustration of trying to style curly hair since middle school. After being told many different things by hair stylist and reading thousands of articles about curly hair, she found what works for her. Donetta recommends her readers to check out the site, Naturally Curly, at and click on the Texture Typing 101. This site has helped her learn her curly hair type, and other interesting reads.

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A Handmade Bracelet

In this extremely fast moving world of today, filled with virtual connections, we need to respect and appreciate the relationships we have with the persons around us. A simple gesture of offering a handmade bracelet can be charged with a great and positive energy, welding our social connections and feeling with our dearest ones. It can even be the headstone for a new formed relationship, both amorous or friendship.

A handmade bracelet can be the representation of a persons imagination and personality traits. There are no boundaries when creating a handmade bracelet. So allow yourself an incursion into this world, as it is almost impossible not to find a bracelet suitable for you and another one that will fit perfectly the person you appreciate most.

Find a symbol that you will wear, under the shape of a handmade bracelet. The round shape of the bracelet symbolizes eternity and continuity. As long as you and the other chosen person, will wear it, you will be bound by feeling of honesty, trust, and happiness. Not to mention that a handmade bracelet is a very esthetic artifice, which can complete any wardrobe, as long as it is chosen according to personality traits of the bearer. They are small and personal details, which are not necessary to be seen by others. The mere fact that such an object was given to us, by a person who usually occupies a prominent place in our hearts, it is enough to have a significant meaning for us. Wearing a handmade bracelet received as a gift shows are gratitude, acceptance and appreciation for a simple gesture that expresses a profound attachment.

So find a handmade bracelet as a statement of your personality, or, better yet, offer one as a gift for someone you consider important in your existence. It is a way to keep memories alive, no matter where the road takes you, far away from the people you love. It can mark your first love, your childhood best friend, your high school sweetheart, or just a special person you just for sharing your time with. Small objects can mean a great thing if they are offered from the heart and with a great sense of joy. So stop looking for impressive objects when you’re trying to make a gift.

A handmade bracelet can be the representation of each individual persons imagination and personality traits.

Handmade stuff means ones presence and care, different style decorate colorful life.

Most bracelets are worn only by women but many men these days wear then as well. When wearing bracelets in a matching set will complement a women more than a single piece.

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Why Are Lace Front Wigs the Best Wigs?

There are many various types of wigs available on the market. Women wear wigs for many different reasons for instance, to cover thinning hair in certain spots to total hair loss due to medical conditions. Choosing the right one can be overwhelming at such times. Another reason many women wear wigs is to achieve hairstyles that are impossible to do with their own hair.

the lace front wig is one type of wig. This wig has individual hairs that are hand stitched into a lace material that are found only at the front part of the wig. By hand stitching the hairs into the lace front it gives the impression that the hairs are growing straight from the scalp. Once you have the wig secured into place, the lace material is trimmed off at the hairline without cutting any of the knots. The lace can then be glued into place and depending on what type of adhesive is used, can last from days to weeks. After gluing the lace down, cosmetics can be applied to conceal the lace. You won’t be able to identify where the wig line begins and this way you will have a natural looking hairpiece. This is the very reason why it is the best type of wig you can find.

The lace material used is either French or Swiss. The French lace is durable but delicate. The Swiss lace is more delicate and can tear easily and because of this it’s more suited for advance lace wig users.

These wigs are made from synthetic fibers or from real human hair. The lace wigs made of real hair wigs will always be more expensive since they are in short supply but, they are more durable and flexible when it come to styling different ways. You can also use heat styling tools with these wigs without being concerned of causing any damage. Regular hair care products can be used on these real hair wigs and when proper care is taken they can last well over a year.

When it comes to synthetic lace front wigs they are not as durable as real lace fronts but, these wigs are low maintenance and more affordable. They come ready to wear and don’t require styling. Avoid any heat to these types of wigs as this can destroy your wig. You will need special hair care products for these kinds of wigs. A properly taken care of synthetic front lace wig will last up to six months.

Lace wigs are the better type of wig to go with if looking for a natural looking wig. The lace front will make your wig undetectable and nobody will know you’re wearing anything.

If you like to know more about lace front wigs be sure to visit Root 2 Tip Wigs for more on this topic.

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Absolute Best Way to Apply Mascara

ow to Best Apply Mascara

Technique is so important when applying mascara. The way you get your eyelashes to look beautiful is all in the way you apply it! You don’t even need a special product, any drugstore mascara will work just fine. These techniques are really easy and impressive! You will get complements on your eyelashes for sure, and it doesn’t even require that much effort or time at all. Read on to find out how to do this!

If you curl your eyelashes, make sure to do it before you put on mascara, so the curler doesn’t get stuck.

Step 1:

Most people start applying mascara from their roots up. But this is not the way to start! The best way to make your eyelashes look longer is by starting at the top! Get your mascara brush and only do the tops of your eyelashes. Don’t even worry about the roots yet. Go over them a lot of times and then go on to the other eye while you wait for them to dry. This will get the very tops of your eyelashes looking a lot longer than normal, which is what we’re going for!

Step 2:

Now you should do your roots. If you want them to seem fuller, go over them many times. If not, only go over them a couple of times. If you want them really full, apply the mascara to the roots, wait for that side to dry, and then put on another coat. You can still go up all the way to the tops of your lashes when you do this, but this might make it a bit clumpy so you just have to be careful.

Step 3:

This step is optional, but can look very good if you do it right. Once you’ve done step 1 and step 2, go on to put mascara on the backs of your lashes. Many makeup artists use this trick. The majority of people only put mascara only on the front but they don’t realize that by putting it on the back the eyelashes will look better! It will make them look thicker and fuller. This is a great thing to do if you want your eyelashes to be really noticeable.

Step 4:

If you want the cute little flick at the end of your eye, get the end of your mascara brush and go over the end of your eye a few times starting from the roots up. You don’t want to put a lot of mascara on the ends of your eyelashes but putting a little bit more can look cuter. It emphasizes the ends of your eyelashes, which is hard to achieve with just mascara. This step is also optional. Do whatever you feel your lashes will look best with!

Step 5:

I also highly recommend that you apply mascara on the bottom eyelashes. It will frame your eyes, making them look a lot cuter. You don’t want to put a lot on the bottom though, so just kind of rub your brush around until you get the amount you want.

This is hands down the best way to apply mascara! Practice it and try it out!

If you want to read more eye makeup techniques, check out my website! There are articles about the best eyeshadow for green eyes, dramatic makeup for blue eyes, etc. I also have some product reviews and more!

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2 Options to Fight Wrinkles

Some women experience the worst wrinkles than others and some take the early stages of their lives, but it is safe to say that we get all. Despite all we have, we all want to hide that we want to stay young and youthful for longer. This article not only talking about how wrinkles are developed, but it also talks about how to prevent once they are there.

Conditions can causes eye-wrinkles

There are two things how eye-wrinkles formed.


Wrinkles are normally associated with aging. As we get older, the cells in our skin become thin and lose their elasticity. This is due to the production of collagen in our skin cells decrease causes our skin to have an elasticity in the first place. When there is a lack of collagen in our bodies, our skin cells start to divide delaying the repair and renewal of the skin.

As we age, fat cells under the outer layer of our skin become smaller and lose their ability to fill gaps in the inner layers of our skin. Our external fat cells make our skin supple seems when they become smaller damage occurs in the inner layers. This causes our skin to sag and become dry and develop wrinkles.


The sun’s UV rays can also have a detrimental effect on our skin and cause us to develop wrinkles faster. To be protected against the sun’s UV rays can damage your skin as it is vulnerable to ultraviolet radiation.

Sunlight causes the outer layer of the skin, which is the epidermis, to become thinner and promotes overproduction of melanin, which ultimately leads to a skin cancer. Spending long periods of time in direct light from the sun without sunscreen can cause the collagen in our skin to break down faster than what we discussed above has an effect on wrinkles forming.

The way wrinkles form is something called “free radicals.” The free radicals are unstable oxygen molecules in the body that lack an electron. Oxygen molecules that we have in our skin cells need two electrons to work effectively, when only one is present, the oxygen molecules find it difficult to break the collagen in our skin cells and therefore the elasticity of the skin is reduced.

When our skin elasticity is reduced, wrinkles will form. Free radicals develop in the skin from prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun, air pollution and smoking.

How can we fight wrinkles

Although we may try to fight them, get wrinkles is a natural thing and it will happen eventually, everything we can do to try stop them. Many women (and some men) will receive a facelift or other cosmetic surgery (which can cost a fortune) to try to hide the dreaded wrinkles and try to make themselves look and feel younger for longer.

We mentioned above how the collagen in our skin has an impact on our skin elasticity and wrinkle formation. Eye Secrets have developed a product called the Collagen and Q10 patch which works to increase your levels of collagen and let your eyes and the skin smoother and tighter.

Eye Secrets Collagen and Q10 patch goes to work in just 15 minutes and reduces the appearance of wrinkles under the eyes, those nasty dark circles under your eyes and general pockets of your skin. On top of that, it can reduce dry skin and leave your skin smooth and tight again.

In each package you will receive 5 applications (10 gel eye patches). The patches must be applied underneath your eyes for 15 to 20 minutes. Then they are placed on your face patches become difficult to work and intensely moisture, nourish and hydrate your skin. This will restore elasticity and help your skin look and feel younger, vibrant and smooth. The moisture formula also helps revive the puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. [Please see author box below for further information].

Aaron Cesarino is a freelance writer and writes articles about beauty of female for

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3 Reasons to Use Skin Care Products

We go to the dentist to check the health of our teeth to ensure that we do not need treatment and avoid sickness against infections. We sometimes undergo medical examinations to ensure that our bodies are healthy and fully functioning condition. So why not take care of our skin?

Prevention is better than cure

Many people think that when they are young, they do not have to take care of their skin because until they are much older, it does not matter. But the way you take care of your skin now will affect you greatly in later life. How our skin stands the test of time is somewhat genetic predisposition that we are all in some way, but the lines and wrinkles could be significantly reduced by ensuring you hydrated, drink plenty of water and avoid exposure excessive sun.

The sun is particularly harmful and exposure can put you at great risk of suffering from skin cancer. Remember, you’re never too young to protect your skin. You can enjoy the benefits of taking care of your skin when you are older, little effort you put into your skin when you were younger, will show outside.

Moisturizer and water for your skin

It is very important to invest in a good moisturizer that is suitable for your skin type.

Even oily skin needs to be moist well as dry skin tends to wrinkle and line much faster and sooner than someone with an exceptionally oily skin.
Dry skin is also more likely to be very sensitive to winter cold can make chapped skin, sore and inflamed and can lead to other skin diseases such as eczema or psoriasis.
Cracked skin also has the potential to harbor germs and bacteria that lead to infection.

We all know the importance of drinking water, it flushes out all the toxins and waste from the skin, leaving it soft, radiant and youthful. However, we must not neglect our skin on the outside, it needs a certain amount of moisture to maintain its elasticity and flexibility which is why the use of cleanser and moisturizer are so important.

Skin toner works well to remove impurities and tighten pores, even if some of them can be very abrasive on the skin should be used sparingly and should not be used around the eye area.

Healthy life style

If you happen to suffer from acne or other skin diseases, it is important to get treating acne especially when it is at its worst:

can leave permanent scars,
not to mention a lot of pain and discomfort.

Sometimes, healthy eating and lifestyle is not always enough to erase some skin diseases and disorders. Stress can also be an important factor, but it is important to seek help when necessary so that problems can be nipped in the bud before they progress.

Aaron Cesarino is a freelance writer and writes articles about general health, weight loss strategies, sports nutrition recommendations, beauty of female and male health for

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The Truth About Your Face and Oil

We’ve all heard the sayings about oil making your skin break out and about how we should avoid oil on our faces like the plague. Well actually, this is not true at all. We shouldn’t avoid oils, we should avoid the WRONG oils.

“The misconception that oils make you breakout comes from the fact that not all oils are created equal,” according to Victoria Tsai, founder of Tatcha Skin Care.

Inexpensive mineral oils and lanolin are comedogenic, but high-quality oils like camellia, macadamia, jojoba, and squalene are non-comedogenic and can help draw excess sebum from pores. Sebums are the oily secretions of the sebaceous glands that act as a lubricant for the hair and skin and provides some protection against bacteria. These high quality oils are also great emollients and can repair skin barrier function.

Here are some of the multiple uses and the benefits of facial oils- To Glow For!

Wear as Primer- according to Hollywood makeup artist, Lina Hanson, botanical facial oils penetrate into the skin faster than a cream. The anti-inflammatory properties in camellia, mandarin and pumpkin seed soothe the skin and very high vitamins and antioxidants help prevent the formation of lines and wrinkles.

Reverse Sun Damage- Mediterranean beauties have used vitamin E and other antioxidants and olive oil as a moisturizer and wrinkle-smoother for centuries. In addition to neutralizing some of the free radicals created from UV rays when you rub them on your face you smell the natural scent of the earth and it’s very comforting.

Combat Redness- Help with healing acne and reducing redness can benefit every skin type, arnica and evening primrose is meant for everyone. It penetrates deep into the skin and doesn’t leave any greasy residue.

Cleanse Thoroughly- Face oil cleansers, such as camellia and rice bran oils contain emulsifiers that make oil bond to water and wash away.They are the best cleansers for melting away impurities and excess sebum without stripping the skin of moisture. They’re also the most effective way to remove makeup and sunscreen because the synthetic oils and silicone dissolve readily in oil but not water.The main difference with treatment oils and cleansing oils is their relationship with water, says Tsai.

OPT FOR HYBRID OILS- Argon and Marula oils are especially great for dry or mature skin. In addition to using anti-aging retinol and essential amino acids, opt for hybrid oils to get the best of both worlds when science and nature meet.

I am a skin care product expert consultant and if you are looking for great skin care tips and products formulated by dermatologists visit my blog at

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